Desde hace cuarenta años apostamos por la gastronomía tradicional, porque tenemos las mejores materias primas.

Con el oficio y el cariño que le ponían nuestras madres, dándole vida a recetas hijas de mil abuelas que, por desgracia, en ocasiones han ido desapareciendo.
El campo berciano, tan rico y variado, llena nuestra despensa de temporada para que nuestros clientes se reencuentren con la cocina de sus antepasados en pleno siglo XXI.

Nuestro restaurante ofrece espacios diferentes. Algún reservado, otros de interior frescos en verano y con leve aroma de leña en invierno y los suaves estallidos de las llamas en el lar. Y nuestro prodigioso corredor orientado al mediodía, a la sombra del sol alto del verano y en invierno caldeado. Lo que comas y bebas multiplica tu placer por mil.

Los pájaros te visitarán y, si te descuidas abstraído por la vista de los viñedos, los bosques y las montañas, buscarán tus migas perdidas.


Over the past forty years we have been proposing seemingly simple dishes while innovating. If tradition is absolutely static, it fossilises and disappears. Feliciano Fidalgo, journalist, National Gastronomy Award, and universal El Bierzo native, congratulated Prada for having the best view in the world from the Palace's corridor.


It's not just any room. It can be a ballroom, a venue for events, weddings, or other celebrations. The coffered ceiling will captivate you. This is a must-see. Here there is also a screening of the video where we narrate the history of the Palace and Prada, a preamble to the visit and to situate ourselves in the setting of masterful nature. Accompany it with a glass of wine and in each song a new dance or ball to the sounds of the Palace.


Any time of day is good for a visit to the café. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, or dinner. From dawn to dusk light streams through the windows and transports us to a peaceful and profound natural environment to lose and find ourselves again. Time does not exist when the fireplace is lit on autumn afternoons, the reading of books or lips, endless conversations or silence, the so longed-for silence.


A carefully designed menu is the starting point for understanding our gastronomy. Carefully prepared food, respect for nature and the people who work at the Palace are joined by the sound of silverware tinging on each plate to turn this room into a daily symphony. There are no secrets in our kitchen, just enthusiasm and the desire to take care of every little detail