The wine of El Bierzo is a natural balance with the landscape left by the generations that preceded us. Respecting it and giving it to those who will follow us with the same quality with which it has come to us is how we obtain these prodigious wines.

We propose a different kind of wine tourism, more active than contemplative, in our 30 hectares distributed in different plots, each one contributing with its own particularity due to its soil, change in elevation, altitude, and orientation to the sun.

The red varieties of Mencía and white of Godello, with which we make our quality wines and sparkling wines, our Xamprada, grow there. But also the Biermú or the Limonada. And our powerful liquors.

Origin is a necessary and transcendental factor. A recognition of what the earth gives and of the creative work of the women and men of our time and of their ancestors.