Prada was born in Cacabelos in 1945, a town of 5,000 in the heart of El Bierzo, capital of its wine, a fairground since the Middle Ages and a part of the Camino de Santiago.

At the age of fifteen he started working in the family business which he quickly gave his personal touch to, making his store in Cacabelos famous in the Northwest because there you could find footwear or clothing difficult to find in traditional commerce or even in the Spanish market.

That shop, a veritable souk of wonders, evolved with Prada by revaluing the handcrafted products made by his family and the rest of the town but which the increasingly assiduous foreign customers increasingly asked for.

The cherries in liquor and the wood-roasted peppers from El Bierzo gradually carved out space on the shelves of the old shop until preserves, chestnuts, and wine replaced boots from Valverde del Camino or the fashionable polos.

In the seventies he made the definitive leap into the hotel industry by opening La Moncloa de Cacabelos, a place that has marked an era, and continues to do so, with an aesthetic and quality so different that a stay there justified a trip to Cacabelos.

Later, in the nineties, he set his sights on the Palacio de Canedo and put everything he had, once again, on a winner. Today, the Palace is home to the traditional canning industry and wine cellar, while offering quality food&drink based on traditional products from