We want to be part of your dream, to welcome you into our home, your home, and enjoy until the early morning hours a setting that will envelope right up to the last song or the first of a new stage together dies down.

The day you come together forever deserves a special setting so we offer the very finest: A palace in Canedo. We build, with you, one of the happiest days of your life.

We want your guests to include your wedding among those unforgettable moments too. You and we want you to continue to experience your wedding long after it is over, for it to remain in your memory. That's why we throw all of our know-how at making sure your wedding is one of a handful of the greatest days of your life.

It's an easy thing to do it well, because beautiful things are done with love, and after all, isn't it love that brings you to the Palace? With that love we weave the happiness of your great day.

Success is in the sum total of all the tiny details. From the creation of atmosphere to the choice of flavours. From guest seating to last-minute emergencies. From the aroma of a wine to attentive and efficient service. From the welcome to the dance. The celebration of your vows, before those who love you most, will be a success.

We are a little happier being able to share your union with you.